Newbie Wonderings

Peter Harbeson
Thu, 9 Jan 2003 14:14:12 -0500

You've probably already discovered this, but no, you don't need access 
to the machine itself to edit sites; all you need is a browser and 
site-editor privileges. You probably won't even notice any performance 
changes on your Mac until you get a large number of high-traffic sites 
set up. I run a Frontier/Manila server on an intranet, and with 20+ 
sites and nearly 5 million hits over the past year the machine itself 
wasn't even close to capacity.

> We'll see. In any case, I want to run Frontier and Manila sites from 
> my Mac
> in my office. This means that any sites created for students would 
> reside in
> my Mac and that student teams would require access to my machine 
> somehow to
> be able to edit their sites, no?