Nathaniel I. Cordova
Tue, 28 Jan 2003 08:14:21 -0800

Dear Folks:

I have set up my course website with Manila and provided my students with
the web address. Here's my dilemma right now. I'm on a campus and when my
students log on from anywhere on campus, they can get to the site fine
(well, some have had problems but not too many) So far, I can log on to the
site from anywhere on campus. But as soon as my students try to get to the
site from off campus they complain that the site does not come up at all.
That is, they can't get to it.

I have been able to get to the site fine from a dial-up connection (although
a few times it would not load at all), and another student was able to do
the same (after experiencing some trouble first), but the rest of the
students have not been able to get to the site. Same thing is happening to
my other course websites.

A couple of friends of mine have tried to access the site and have not been
able to do so. What am I doing wrong? Or is this a problem with my school's