Ref : Query
Thu, 16 Jan 2003 20:53:47 EST

Hello Jim,

I was wondering if you could help with a small problem I am having. I got 
your email address from the net when I was looking up the following 
information regarding not being able to connect to the web. At the status bar 
when I lauch Internet Explorer I see the following "Connecting to Site" then the page goes blank. It does not matter which web site  try 
to connect to I get the same message :(.

I think I have a little knowledge of what has happened, I was download a few 
cracks from a website <A HREF="">
</A> and for some reason known only to them, must have offended them and this 
I suppose is their payback, sad I know but, I really would be grateful if you 
could shed any light on the matter. I am not really that good on these 
computers and was trying to help someone and take a bit of advice at the same 
time and this is where it has got me.

The only reason I am sending this email is the fact that my ISP is AOL.

I would appreciate any information you can supply (if you can that is) and 
what would be the best course of action to take, and please be gentle with me 
as I said I aint that good ;)

Regards and appreciation.