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P.G. Secondino
Tue, 17 Jun 2003 08:53:01 -0400

on 6/16/03 4:27 PM, James K. Lee at wrote:

> I have a weblog hosted by where I currently don't use News
> Items. I would like to start using News Items so I can use the commentlink
> feature.
> What's the best way to make the transition to News Items? I don't want to jump
> in without some advice because last time I tried turning this on, all of my
> posts disappeared off the home page. (and they come back when I turn News
> items off) I'm sure this is intended behaviour but knowing that doesn't help
> me very much. (i.e. how do I start using News items without losing all my
> existing posts?)
> Nobody knows my weblog exists so I don't really need the comments feature
> right now but I'll eventually tell some folks about the site so it will be
> nice to have it before I let people know.


I switched to News Items on May 1 2003. Sometime during April I added a
notice to my home page template to inform the readers of my intention. I
gradually reduced the the number of news days on the home page down to 1 by
May 1. When I made the switch I immediately published a news item and
changed the notice in my template. The notice was removed after 30 days.



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