WYSIWYG Support on Mac Browsers

Alan German Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Fri, 16 May 2003 15:26:51 -0400

The WYSIWYG editor available to Windows/IE users is about as far from 
"standards-based" as you can get. Frontier (Manila) is really just 
"enabling" that function [built-in to IE running on Windows-only].

Since it's not "built-in" in Mac browsers, there's nothing in them that 
Userland can "enable."

There _are_ some efforts by the Mozilla folks to get a cross-platform 
wysiwyg editor in place but it's very early in the process. If your 
organization is willing to wean itself from IE, you might be able to 
consider this approach.

There are a few cross-platform, cross-browser Java applets that provide 
pretty good wysiwyg editors. See <http://www.realobjects.de/> for one 
example [it's a licensed product, though].


On Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 11:02  AM, Dan Schmit wrote:

> We have had great success with our implementation of Manila so far.  
> Our
> students seem to appreciate being able to edit and post from where 
> ever they
> are.  The Windows users have an extra set of tools in their browsers,
> however, in that they get a WYSIWYG text formatting tool that the Mac 
> users
> don't see.
> I'm wondering why this hasn't been implemented on the Mac side yet.
> Safari for OSX is a completely standards compliant browser, so why not
> create tools that adhere to accepted standards?
> D