pretty manila sites

Scott Granneman
Wed, 21 May 2003 18:54:10 -0500

Here are some that we've created & are currently hosting (note that most
require IE5/Mozilla1/NS6.2 or greater due to CSS requirements; ie, we
don't support NS4):

Habitat for Humanity St. Louis

Public Relations Society of America, St. Louis chapter

88mm Productions

ACLU of Eastern Missouri

Butterfield Youth Services

International Special Events Society, Missouri Chapter
Note: currently in development; the URL will change

Pet Friends
Just released to the client, so there's not a lot of content yet

I hope you find these interesting & helpful. We're proud of them.


On Wed, 2003-05-21 at 16:44, kthomas wrote:
> This is almost silly such that I'm afraid to ask but...
> I'm looking for "pretty" MANILA web sites. If you have a favorite, I'd 
> sure appreciate if you could send over the URL. ESPECIALLY a site that 
> has photos and java enhancements.
> Background:  First off, I think most Manila and Radio sites ARE 
> beautiful. But I'm trying to get support for a new manila server 
> dedicated to our college and a (powerful) person who prefers "pretty 
> web sites" is worried about getting "pretty web sites" out of Manila 
> software. (I know, don't flame ME - beauty is in the eye of the 
> beholder and the hands of the designer.) This...    
> is what I guess that our friend thinks is a pretty web site since 
> that's their home department.
> Politics: This non-tech person is also Interim (big lab) director and 
> in charge of a lot of traditional server power & space that is mostly 
> unused. I'm sure they would rather keep all web services in their area.
> So I've been asked to create a list of some nice looking sites.... and 
> I want a BIG list because, who knows what is acceptable as "pretty" 
> when it comes to web sites.
> Please email off list to - I'll summarize and post a 
> link list of the pretty MANILA sites.
> It MUST be a Manila site.
> Thanks in advance!
> /kelly thomas
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