RSS in an editor's only site

Stephen Waters sbwaters at
Wed Jun 2 04:35:44 PDT 2004


I've got an editor's only site with syndication turned on for the home 
page and discussion group messages but without it being sent to

Should a newsreader be able to get the rss feed? How can cookies be 
authenticated. They are logged in on the browser, Safari, but I 
wouldn't expect Newswire to be able to detect that.

Ranchero Software says:

"NetNewsWire can read sites that use http authentication -- but I don't 
know if the RSS feeds for editors-only sites are available that way. 
(They may require a cookie instead.)

"I vaguely remember that at some point UserLand made it possible to 
read them via http authentication, but I'm not positive. I'd recommend 
asking them about it."

So I am.


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