Part of a story as a news items?

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Sun May 2 07:24:14 PDT 2004

sounds great Steve, from Keith, I have always enjoyed your stuff from older
days when the forum was active.Just do  it.
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Subject: Part of a story as a news items?

> Hi,
> Right now I write a story. Then I write a news item as teaser to the
> story and put it on the home page. I give it a slightly different title
> to keep the shortcuts clean.
> What I'd like to be able to do is just write the story and block off a
> portion of the first graf as the part that would be used on the home
> page. The net result is that I'd have less clutter in the discussion
> group and it would take less time to write and get up on the page.
> An alternative would be to be able to define a section of the story to
> be used as the news teaser.
> I would like to have some boilerplate at the end of the teaser: I
> always knock down the point size a notch, type in More... and put in
> the "shortcut link".
> When generating the front page, it would still have to parse to a
> proper RSS feed and do trackbacks.
> Am I missing something? Can I already do this in an easy way? Or what
> would have to be changed/added to Manila?
> Regards/sbw

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