Multiple stories on home page

Hugh Nicoll hnicoll at
Tue May 25 20:35:00 PDT 2004

Hi Kelly,

It sounds like you want to set up your home page as a news site. Try the
intro docs <$3.2.9>. You'll have to create
a new manila site, and once you're starting to get comfortable with managing
it, you can adjust the preferences to your liking.

With a news site, you create a new news item, and it's automatically added
to your homepage, just like most blogs do these days.

Hope this helps, 


On 5/26/04 7:20 AM, "Kelly Arsenault DOE" <karsenaultlmm at>

> I am really a beginner with all of this so please bare with me:
> I would like multiple story postings on my homepage so that when people
> log on they can see, perhaps, the last five entries that I've written.
> Am I going about this the wrong way?
> Kel

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