Downloading backups with Apache

Scott Granneman scott at
Fri Sep 17 12:50:40 PDT 2004

We are using static rendering to serve our clients' web sites, so development 
is done using Frontier & the public sites are served using Apache.

We have a client that wants to download & backup their root file. 

I read the page titled "How to Configure Manila Site Downloads", at 

For the "URL for site databases", I set:

I unchecked the box next to "Un-check it if they will be served by a static 
server such as Apache or IIS."

So far, so good. However, the page referenced above from Userland never 
explains the URL clients should use if you set Apache as the server, not 

In other words, if I had used Manila to serve the databases, the instructions 
say clients should go to "" (of 
course, THOSE instructions are on$1019, not on the other 
userland page mentioned above); since I'm using Apache, where do my clients 



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