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Fri Jan 14 10:56:53 PST 2005

I'd like to add that unless you are doing Manila sites, that is, 
setting up a Manila server, you would be better off using Radio 
Userland. I used to do my static sites in Frontier, but for that 
functionality Radio Userland can do everything that Frontier can, and 
for much less money. When RU was released I moved all my sites to it 
with no problems at all, plus you have the weblogging functionality to 

I'd agree with Jim in that unless you have a bit of a geek gene, 
Frontier/RU are not for everyone, but if you are adventurous and 
willing to learn a bit of the UserTalk language and the structure of 
the object database it is a quite rich and rewarding environment.


On 14 Ian. 2005, at 8:32 AM, Jim Byrne wrote:

> Frontier is not a web design package - so you would never design the 
> visual
> aspect of a website in Frontier. You can design your site in a WYSWYG
> package - and plug the resulting page template into the appropriate 
> place in
> Frontier.
> You can use Frontier to manage a site - and it can be used to help you
> organise the structure of your site - and make it easier to update it 
> and
> keep a consistent look and feel. It is a powerful way to manage a site 
> - and
> many people have used it this way (including myself) - but I don't 
> think it
> gets used this way much these days.
> I am at risk of offending list members - but I would say that setting 
> up a
> site for someone else using Frontier is probably not a great idea - 
> unless
> they person you are creating the site for is a bit of a 'techie' and 
> has an
> interest in learning the inner workings of the Frontier database.
> Frontier is also the engine behind Manila - which is a CMS with a web
> browser front-end. Manila is a server product - so most likely if you 
> are
> using Manila you are buy it as a service from a third party. I assume 
> from
> you email this is not what you mean?
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