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>I am a school teacher of 9-10 year old children and we are looking at
>setting up blogs for our students to use. We want the blog content to be
>available to the internet in general so that others can view the blogs
>however we only want the discussion and other features to be avaiable to
>the children or only those who are members. So far in my experimentation
>I have only found the editors restrictions to disallow comments. Of
>course restricting membership to editor level only means that the content
>of the blog is not viewable.

First, the primary difference between News Item Comments and Discussion
Group Messages is that you do not have to be a Member to post News Item
Comments. You must be a Member to post Discussion Group Messages.

Second, the Discussion Group may be further restricted in your Membership
Preferences (Editors Only->Prefs->Membership), e.g.$membership

In the Discussion Group section (third from the top), where it asks, "Is
the discussion group open to all members?" Yes means the Discussion Group
is open to everybody who's a Member of your site. No means the Discussion
Group is limited to you and your Editors. Where it asks, "Can everybody
read discussion group messages?" Yes means that anybody can read the
Discussion Group without becoming a Member or being an Editor. No means
that you must be logged in as a Member to read Discussion Group messages.

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