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By: David Gewirtz (david at

I've had the night to sleep on my implementation of pinging to RSS ping servers and I realized I had a question. In my research, I found tools that sent a ping for every new item, and sent that item's URL and name to the pinging servers. I also found tools that seemed to send a ping once for each time the feed was updated, and then sent the URL of the site and the name of the site to the pinging servers.

I've implemented the first approach, but I'm wondering whether it's overkill. I noticed that Technorati is accepting our pings, but now shows all of the ZATZ magazines as the linking sources to all the other ZATZ magazines, which, in and of itself, doesn't mean much, but it might mean there might be a better approach to pinging. What's the proper way to do this: item-by-item pinging with the item's URL or feed pinging with the site's URL?


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