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I've now managed to get a server dedicated to running Manila Frontier. The server is a G4 Xserve running OS X 10.3 Server. So I would like to enable port forwarding so that users can access our Frontier through port 80. And also change the urls of current and furture sites so that 8081 isn't part of the address. (We are currently running Frontier on port 8081)

I have a test server up and running and so far have managed to implement the port forwarding rule so that port 80 requests are sent to 8081.

Now, changing the current URLs: As we are runing about 40 sites I didn't fancy replacing the URL for each site from the Admin Site - instead I did a find replace on the manilawebsites.root table and replaced all instances of "servername.dom:8081" with "servername.dom"
>From the Frontier Admin Site I also made sure to change the 'Base Domain' in the Hosting page to servername.dom.

This seems to have worked ok and I can now access each site from http://servername.dom/blogsite/

However, If I try to create a new site from the Frontier admin site it wants me to use the old servername.dom:8081 prefix to the URL. Is there any way to correct this?

Also it would be helpful to know if anyone thinks I've missed anything in my implementation that could have problems in the future.

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