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By: David Detlefsen (detlefsend at

Not a very good title but hopefully descriptive.

I've recently installed Frontier 9.5 (current updates installed) on a Windows 2000 SP4 Machine. I don't know details of hardware since it's a remote installation but I can find out if it's relevant. The machine has 512K RAM same as other Windows machines I've used without incident. Virtual Memory is set to 768, again same as another Windows machines.

I've been doing housekeeping things in the database (manilawebsites.root) and frequently have the Frontier CPU usage on the machine go to about 98%. It seems to happen most reproducibly when I'm editing a the name of a db entry. Frontier is unresponsive as a webserver even after several minutes so I kill the process and restart.

I've never seen this happen on any other Frontier installation (I've been using about 6 years) on either Macintosh or Windows of this timeframe. So I'm suspecting something's up with the machine I'm using but have no clue.

Since this is a fielded application, I really don't have the luxury to explore in more detail.

Any suggestions / advice?

This is a Manila site...

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