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Lawrence, I know you think this tells me something, but it really doesn't. :-)

In lots of callback and routine discussion, you guys talk about the page table, and from that I know that it's the table built by MainResponder as it builds and serves a Web page. That's about all I know.

Well, now I know that it has two entries that a trackback callback would care about - pathArgs, which contains the message number being trackbacked, and discussionGroup, which is apparently @[site's discussion group]. I don't know what else is in there, like how to find the text of the trackback. The only way I could think to find out would be to build a dummy callback and, I dunno, wait for someone to try to send a trackback?

I suggest that if there's page table documentation on here, you make a shortcut for it and use it every time you mention it so we can all find it easily enough. Samples usually help me a lot, but without one, I basically see "there's a big mystery table that you read in your callback and return true or false."

Now I see "there's a big mystery table that you read in your callback and return true or false, and here are two of the items in it."

I just need a bit more, man. :-)

You'll need to pad the message number with zeros:

Why? When? For whom? I know *I* don't need it padded to seven characters, so who does?

Sorry to be dense, but this is not enough documentation for me to make heads or tails of it, and I don't have time to go tracing through the callback code to see how it works. :-/

--Matt (not discouraged yet)

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