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By: Lawrence Lee (lawrence at

There currently aren't any docs on the page table, but to build a callback you probably would just need to view a sample page table to know what the contents you can evaluate against. Creating a callback and having it save a copy of the pagetable is probably how most people would set it up.

In various Manila scripts, you can see this setup: = pta^ //debugging

In the page table for a TrackBack ping, you'll probably see a sub-table called postArgs. You can access the title, url, blog_name and excerpt.

To use them, you can set it up like this:

local (titleText = string.lower (pta^.postArgs.title))
local (url = string.lower (pta^.postArgs.url))

The four values are from the TrackBack ping specs:

The discussion group doc is here:

I'll see if I can gather any notes re: the page table and create a new doc on it.


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