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By: Jeremy Reichman (jaharmi at

I was able to "save as" the Frontier.root fine. So I tried the manilaWebsites.root file.

I got an error:

Can't save the database because there was an error packing "siteName.#discussionGroup.messages.0002180.body": Mac OS Error: -116.

I assume this could be a culprit in the problem. The siteName corresponded to my main Manila site (I have several unused, legacy sites still defined in this root.) The message number is one that gives me an error when I try to load it on a browser:

Sorry! There was an error: Internal database error: attempted to read a free block. Try to Save a Copy and relaunch with the new database.

The error was detected by Frontier 9.1b4 in mainResponder.respond.

This is a Manila site...

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