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By: Grant Dunham (gdunham at

I've been experimenting with some of the Web 2.0 apps and the integration of the data to blogs. Examples would be Writely (now Google Docs) and Flickr.
Flickr offers Manila as a Blog Type. You fill in the appropriate URL to your blog and username and password information - and it seems to work for most users. (I have one user who is getting a strange error message but think I can solve that one.)
Google Docs also offer Manila as an option. They say they use the MetaWeblog API. They say the URL should be http://YOURBLOG/RPC2.
I use subsites so I tried But when I tried to send my google document to that blog, it responds "There was an expected problem. ("
The numbers will change - but the rest of the message remains. I am puzzled by the expected problem. Why would you let an expected problem remain?
It does work through a hosted site. But not Manila on our server. I would bet it works with Blogger too but I have not tried it yet.
Now, one of my users is trying to publish from but he can't seem to find an "out_url"????
I'm expecting more and more of these kinds of requests. Is there any good documentation or way to make sure these kinds of services will integrate with Manila? These are very good services and would benefit Manila users.

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