Any ideas on when 9.6 will be rolled out?

Lawrence Lee lawrence at
Thu Jul 6 12:25:02 CDT 2006

Hi Rick,

At this point, I believe we're only waiting to release the installers with a
few minor fixes. You should be able to follow the instructions on the Manila
beta site since all the changes there will be in line with what gets
released with the 9.6 release.

I would exit Radio and make a complete backup of your Frontier/Manila folder
prior to installing, just as a precaution if you want to rollback for some

Lawrence Lee
UserLand Software 

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Any guesses as to when Manila 9.6 will be rolled out? If not in the next
month or so, is the beta version stable enough yet to use?

Some of the new features will greatly simplify things for school use
(ability to create member passwords etc.) and I'm doing several Manila
workshops for teachers in August, so it'd be great to use the latest and
greatest version of Manila.


Rick Barter
Technology Educator/Coordinator
Conners Emerson School
Bar Harbor, ME 04609
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