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Tue Jul 25 04:56:13 CDT 2006

Error Message : Can't coerce the string "34 10" into a number because it
contains non-numeric characters
I hope you can help me. I run a large number of Squid caching servers
for most of the the schools in Oxfordshire U.K. One of our sites is
getting the above error message when trying to access
<> . This is from his local
cache server which has an upstream parent. If I access the site from the
upstream parent it connects. I am aware there is a bug which doesn't
resolve URLs longer than 255 characters with Frontier.
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please can you advise me.

Doug Irvine 

School's Support Team Leader

Oxfordshire County Council 
3rd Floor Clarendon House 
Shoe Lane 
OX1 2DP 

01865 815888 

Mobile 07776163426 


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