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thanks for replying - that is not the problem though. I probably didnt explain my issue correctly -

 the problem has to do with actual rendering on the page of html entities as opposed to actually rendering the code. on sites where we do have over 30 posts, and in trying to change this bit
{viewNewsItems (10, newsItemTemplate:"* {itemTitle} {postTime}")}
to say this bit
{viewNewsItems (20, newsItemTemplate:"* {itemTitle} {postTime}")}

when using Mac OSX on all of these : Netscape, IE, Firefox, Safari
i "literally ' get this displaying on the page as opposed to the site rendering any news item links:

{viewNewsItems (20,

at times i even get this literally showing on page:

{viewNewsItems (20, newsItemTemplate:"* {itemTitle} [1] {postTime}")}

again, this is always when im working, as was suggested, in html/source.

the problem is less pronounced when using a PC Windows IE, Netscape, Firefox. with the rendering issue happening only 50% of the time.

my fear is mucking up one of my member's sites and not being able to fix it since it appears to be hit or miss 50% of the time on a PC but 100% miss on a Mac

for now, im just letting it be and leaving the defautl 10 items showing wherever i have the macro running

Is this a known bug on Mac OSX?
thanks again

[1] %5C%22%7Burl%7D%5C%22

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