Apple events broken?

Sean Elfstrom selfstro at
Mon Jan 6 09:33:52 PST 2003

At 9:47 AM -0600 12/19/2002, Jeff Gschwend wrote:
>With a clean install of 9.1b2 on OSX 10.2.2, I can not use BBEdit (7.0.1) as an external editor. Attempting to do so results in the following: "Couldn't complete message to the application whose ID is " " because of the following error: "Mac OS Error: -600". I've tried a quick search of Userland lists and discussion, but don't have spare time to dig deeper. What's broken here?

Here's a link to the discussion of the issue. <$1026>

Both solutions are very "hackish" and just workarounds that do not solve the problem. The real issue is that suites.odbEditor.edit doesn't account for the fact that an app can be a package in Mac OS X, and doesn't properly determine the application id.

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