Can't edit msg with Netscape

Tue, 07 Aug 2001 11:00:28 -0700

Thanks David & Peter,
Yes ... definitely a template problem.
No problem editing with Netscape on one of our sites that uses both 
metadata and the ThickLines theme.
The site with the problems doesn't use a theme, but starts with a 
customized version of the default Manila template. I'll compare the two and 
work from there.

At 10:32 AM 08/07/2001, you wrote:
>The way Netscape lays out pages can differ greatly from Explorer,
>particularly if you're using Cascading Style Sheets or complex tables.
>The real problem is probably in the Netscape browser, which does not
>properly conform to W3C standards. (IE is not 100% compliant, but it's
>much better). It's also possible that the problem is in your tagging;
>IE is much more forgiving of problems in tagging, particularly in
>Some possible solutions:
>  - simplify the tables in your template
>  - if you're using CSS to position page elements, consider creating two
>separate style sheets, one that works in IE and one that works in
>Netscape. Then you'll need to detect the user's browser and swap in the
>correct CSS. (I haven't implemented this yet in Frontier, but it's easy
>with PHP, so I think it will be doable.)
>  - recommend that users use Internet Explorer (I don't like this
>solution, but it can be at least a stopgap)
>FWIW, I've found that some of the templates distributed with Manila do
>not render properly in Netscape. Even some of the pages at
>aren't right.
>Additional bad news:
>  1. There are more browsers than just IE and Netscape. Opera and iCab
>are pretty standards-compliant. I just started testing with Mozilla and
>Konqueror, so I'm not sure. The W3C has a browser called Amaya as well,
>but I believe it's more intended for testing than use.
>  2. Pages also render differently on the Windows and Mac versions of
>the SAME browser. This is primarily a font size problem, but there are
>some other subtle differences.
> > A contributing editor who uses Netscape alerted me to a new problem.
> > following problem appears only when editing with the Netscape
> > (Internet Explorer is fine.)
> >
> > The "Post Changes" button overlays the text box, as do ALL the
> > fields. And even if I could see through the button to edit, it is
> >
> > I reproduced this problem from my machine - Windows 98, 800x600
> > Netscape Communicator 4.61.
> >
> > This problem has appeared since we started using metadata now on our
> > site. (Metadata works fine, btw.) Our short term solution to the
> > problem is to use IE instead. But with browser-based editing, it's
>best if
> > folks can use either Netscape or IE. Also, this makes me wary about
> > metadata on other manila sites I manage.
> >
> > Hope you have a lead on this.
> > -Ceelee
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>Peter J. Harbeson
>Infoliage Communication