Feature Request - maybe

Erin Clerico Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 15:35:03 -0800

Hello Chris.

The giggle is a macro only available on Weblogger servers at this time:


You have a good idea. You can send me properly URL-encoded query for what
you need and I will try to cook it up for you over the holidays. (respond
off list please)

Happy Holidays


on 12/14/01 12:08 PM, Chris Range at crange@sses.net wrote:

> Please forgive and inform me if this is not the appropriate venue for this
> topic.
> I would like to see a macro similar to the Giggle macro which could make
> topical queries of Amazon's (or Barnes & Noble etc) database. Say I have a
> page titled 'Chieftains'. I could include this macro on that page and it
> would invite folks to search for 'Chieftains' at Amazon and upon doing so
> would produce a list of DVD's, CD's, posters and the like - whatever was
> returned by the query. Amazon has search boxes one can insert into a page,
> but I have never figured a way to automatically get anything from a manila
> page such as the Title or any of the Metadata into it in any sort of
> automated fashion. If this macro would automatically attach my partner id to
> the end of the query (thereby giving me credit for the link) then that would
> be absolutely wizard.
> So is this a new feature, or is there another route I can take to get from
> here to there?