Links and Macros

Dylan Parker
Sat, 28 Jul 2001 15:09:27 -0700

Hello, all.

I'm sure what I am about to ask has been asked before.. but the Archive
only had about 6 messages in it? Is this a new list?


Q1 . Is there any way to use Manila's linking syntax (ie putting the story
name in double-quotes) with custom hot-text WITHOUT handcoding the HTML? I
saw the relativeLink macro, but I think it only allows a specific URL and
not a double-quoted reference. Is this correct? I want to do something like
{ createLink ("Click Here", "StoryNameReference") }

Q2 . Is it possible to write your own Macros? I am just giving Manila a try
online right now.. and haven't purchased/installed Frontier locally yet..
so maybe when you purchased... macro-creation capability and dox are part
of the distribution?

Q3 . So far the documentation that I can get my hands on is definitely
geared towards end-users and people working solely through the web-admin
interface... is there more documentation in the distribution that deals
with SOAP capabilities, low-level administration techniques etc?

I'm totally new to Manila.. but as I wrap my brain around all the metaphors
and lingo I get these flashes of lucidity.. and this strange feeling that
EVERYONE should be using this product =)

Dylan Parker