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You can run Manila on your machine locally  (in effect your machine can act
as both  Webserver and client), develop your Website using Manila - and whe=
you are ready render your site to a static server (i.e. to you isp virtual
server). You will only be online when you render your pages.

This assumes you know how to set up your TCP/IP on your machine to allow yo=
to  run a local server while not being connected to the Internet. I have
done this myself on my Mac - but I don't know what the settings are for the
PC. I am sure someone out there is Frontier land will know how to do this.

You can also find an ISP that offers Manila as a service. There are a few -
I could dig out the one's I've came across if this is the route you decide
to take. If you want to develop Manila sites for other people who have thei=
own servers/ISP's you need to find a Manila provider who will offer static
rendering. So you develop the Manila site - on the Manila providers server =
and then hand it over to them to manage themselves when your job is
finished. There is the small detail that they will need to pay both the
Manila provider and their static host provider (if indeed they need static

Hope that helps.

All the best,


on 9/10/01 3:46 pm, H=FCrzeler at miriamh@picnic-terminal.ch wrote:

> i have spent hours in the internet reading all the available information =
> yet not found basic answers to my dumb questions.
> my main activity is creating graphics for print and web, but i also have
> programmed full static websites, using adobe go live as editor in a mac.
> i also run my own website, which is placed on a isp virtual server.
> i do not have a fixed connection to the internet and thus cannot run my o=
> server.
> the way i usually work is that i have a copy of the sites on my hard disk=
> diskettes, edit page by page and upload them to the server via ftp.
> my questions are:
> - can i use manilla at all?
> does that program work on a local level (on my hard disk too) or only
> remote?=20
> -does my isp need to run frontier in his server, so i can use manilla?
> if he does'nt what can i do?
> - can i develop manilla sites for clients which have their own servers or
> work with isps, which i have no control over?
> sorry, this is all too new for me and i want to make sure before i buy
> frontier/manilla, that it can be of any use at all.
> best regards
> miriam huerzeler
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