Setting relative paths

Hugh Nicoll
Sun, 07 Apr 2002 16:51:33 +0900

Greetings all,

I have been building a Manila site for my American Studies students, adding
stories, setting relative paths for them, and adding the relative path link
to the navigation bar on the left side of my browser window, using the Blue
Comet 1.1 theme.


It's been pretty simple, but I have all of a sudden lost the ability to set
relative paths with the admin box at the bottom of the message window.

I keep getting error messages from the mainResponder after clicking on the
"jump to it" link in the confirmation box.

{Sorry! There was an error: Can't get the "pathname" attribute because the
table doesn't [have] an attribute with that name.} blah, blah blah

Does this suggest that somehow my database has become corrupt, and I should
try to copy and paste the content out into a new site, or is there a safe
and simple way to chase the error down?

Thanks in advance.

Hugh Nicoll, Miyazaki Municipal University
Funatsuka 1-1-2, Miyazaki-shi 880-8520 JAPAN

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