[Ann] CommentIt 2.6.8

James Byrne Manila-Newbies@userland.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 22:32:09 +0100

The CommentIt Manila plugin has been updated.

There is a great new feature in this update of CommentIt - you can now add
your own fields to the Comment form. The values of your field(s) can then
appear on as part of the comment (just add {yourfieldname} to the output
template) - and also in the e-mail sent to the administrator. I use this
feature to ask people to register for the Glasgow West End Newsletter when
the add comments to pages on the Glasgow West End Website

Teaser: David Bayly tells me there are some changes in the CommentIt plugin
- that could have quite radical implications - coming soon.

An aside: It Looks like David Carter-Tod is making good use of CommentIt on
the new Docserver documentation at

What is CommentIt?
CommentIt is a plugin by David Bayly and Jim Byrne lets visitors to your
site append comments to the bottom of your web pages. It's simple stuff,
visitors don't need to register to leave a comment; they read your page,
click the comment button and tell you what is on their mind (but you can
alter the default behaviour to suit yourself - read on to find out more).

Useful for sites where a full-blown discussion forum seems like overkill -
or if you just want to keep comments on the page they relate to. Also good
for bandwidth conservation - no need to click through ten pages to see ten
comments because they are all on the one page.

Now includes a powerful workgroups feature: only workgroup members can view
messages posted by other workgroup members. Particularly useful in an
educational setting.

The other good thing about CommentIt is that it runs from the same server as
your Manila site - so there are unlikely to be slowdowns due to traffic on a
remote Comment server.

Download the plugin from 3rd Party Plugins:

Documentation, full feature list and alternative download can be found at

If you have any problems with this latest release please get back to me
promptly with your bug report.

All the best,

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