trouble importing site (built in Ultradev) (Win2000)
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 14:19:59 -0400

Hello all: I've been trying to import a test intranet site I've built in
Ultradev (lots of ASP code, a few client-side javascripts) into
Frontier/Manila so that individual page text can be edited.

The first time I tried to import the site into a Frontier database, it
would freeze up and give an error when an image and a folder had the same
file name (without the file extension).

>From there, I decided to separate the page content and keep the images,
PDFs, etc. in separate file folders on the server and have them all link
together. Then I took out the image, PDF, etc. folders from the site and
tried importing again. Frontier would still freeze. So I took the page
content and applied blank Ultradev templates to them, planning then just
have Manila generate page content which will go into the Ultradev templates
stored elsewhere as server-side includes. Even with the formatting and
large folders stripped away, Frontier still freezes when I try to import
the site into its own database.

Has anyone else had this kind of trouble using Ultradev and Manila in
concert, and could it get resolved? Do I have to separate the javascripts
and ASP code as well in order to get Manila & Ultradev to peacefully
coexist? Thanks for any feedback, Mary

Mary Mahling
Bureau of Land Management - Eastern States - IRM
(703)440-1640 or