viewRssBox macro - not getting updated feed

Ken Dow
Thu, 7 Mar 2002 21:19:02 -0500

Two thoughts:

1) The macro don't update more than once an hour.
2) If your Manila home page is cached (Prefs > Editorial > Caching) 
and you're not logged in when you check, you'll get a cached version 
of the page.

>Trying to use viewRssBox macro to pick up a feed generated using Radio and
>flow that content into a Manila site I'm working on. The problem is that
>after the first time I generate the feed with the macro, I fail to get
>subsequent updates to the feed. IOW, items posted to the RSS feed the next
>days, don't show up in the Manila site. If I inspect the RSS feed directly,
>it is updating. I can get the updated contents via Radio. But I can't seem
>to get it to work using the viewRssBox macro. Can someone point me in the
>right direction or lend me a clue?

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