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Don Wolff
Thu, 09 Jan 2003 15:42:02 -0800

If I remember correctly on 1/9/03 3:30 PM Nathaniel I. Cordova wrote:

> 1.  If my students want to develop a fairly comprehensive site, let's say, a
> page for annotated bibliography or journal articles, a page for commented
> links, a page for essays by each student, and pages for their development of
> the topic, do they have to create a new site for each page? Since each
> individual page would not be a blog, so would not be flipped, I imagine
> every page in their site would be a new site. Their "main" or home page
> would then contain links to each of those other site-pages (as shortcuts)?
> Also, does that mean the students have to create a membership group to share
> for all those site-pages?

No they can just create a new story for each page. In Manila speak a story
is a web page.



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