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Al Mac
Fri, 10 Jan 2003 00:19:14 -0600


I used Manila for a few months before I started using Radio.
When I started with Manila, I was confused.
When I started with Radio, I could see that Radio was like Manila on 
steroids with a lot of stuff similar, but some stuff different, and I was 
confused again.
I wrote up some essays (stories in Manila Radio speak) to explain what I 
had figured out.
Most of the essays on my site are Radio related, but a few are Manila.

You might find the following useful: ... this is a directory of the 
essays (stories) I have posted to my blog. 
- how do I change the password for accessing my Manila site ??? 
Stories and Shortcuts in Manila and Radio are similar but have some 
distinct differences ... I try to clear up some confusion here about how 
they work in each reality.  First I explain, with examples, how stories and 
short cuts work in Radio, and how you can create them.  Then I explain them 
for Manila. ... 
dealing with garbage on your screen - 
here are links to about 100 different people who have written documentation 
for Manila, Frontier, or Radio ... most of my links are Radio, but there 
are a few Manila sources in there. - here 
are the names of people who have done documentation that I think is best 
for beginners. 
... this is a good starting place for visiting any of my stories on Blog 
Software in general ... Radio Userland vs. the competition ... this essay 
is intended to be like a Consumer Union Reports comparison tool for the 
potential buyer to figure out what the differences are between the various 
software providers and pick out which one they want.  For those who are 
already playing with this, you can use the links here to compare what you 
got to the other guys. ... is 
there any way to make money off of what we have learned about Manila, 
Radio, or Frontier?

Some of my links are broken, because they connect to places that moved.
Keeping up with correcting that stuff can become a logistical nightmare.
According to the search engine robots, my weblog is approaching 1,000 links 
to other places.
Perhaps it is time to buy one of the add-on tools that automates that kind 
of repair (ask me about that in a different thread).

Here is a relevant quote from Ross Mayfield who started the Blogger Tribe 
on Ryze (see my sig for link there)


Many members of the Blog Tribe joined because they have an interest in 
starting a weblog. To help this along I am starting a new Blog 
Buddy-system. The idea is to introduce potential or new bloggers to 
experienced ones for mentorship.

Mentors can help you in getting you started, choosing tools, resolving 
technical issues or even those wacky cultural questions.

If you are interested in being paired with a Mentor, or becoming one, 
please respond to this email with your interest. Thank you to those who 
have already volunteered to be mentors.


Al Macintyre ( via Eudora)
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