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By: Jeremy Reichman (jaharmi at

Okay, I've gone through my manilaWebsites.root file and found four instances that I believe are corruption in the database. DG messages 2180, 2225, 2244, and 2246 could not be opened and caused errors when I tried to do a "save as." It was very annoying to get rid of the errors when they popped up on screen; they are very persistent, ahem.

Noting that others had run across this kind of problem in the past, I tried using table.jettison to throw away the problematic tables -- they were all either "body" or "newsItems.description," which was somewhat painful. But it looks like it's either jettisoning them or not having a working site at all.

The jettison succeeded in each case and I've now been able to do a successful "save as." I suspect that I'll be able to use my existing root to serve the site but I'm making a good backup to make sure.

Perhaps crawlers and robots were coming across these corrupted tables and that borked my server? I wouldn't be surprised if the corruption were caused by some power outages I've had on the server -- it's just hosted at home.

This is a Manila site...

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